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Your truck's suspension is one of the most important components you can invest in. Why shouldn't you be able to enjoy a cup of coffee on the morning commute without wearing it on your shirt? Strapt Performance will help you smooth out the bumps and vibrations and more with our extensive line of high performance suspension products from the industries top manufacturers.
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Carli Suspension - Shock Reservoir Rock Guard Daystar - Competition Bump Stops BOLT UPGRADE KIT
Our Price: $65.00
Designed to keep rocks and debris from damaging your shock bodies and reservoirs, the Carli Reservoir Guard is your best solution for insuring you keep your performance levels at their peak. Daystar KU09016BK Competition Bump Stop are made of high impact polyurethane with a slotted bolt hole spacing to allow for easy mounting. Bolt Upgrade
Daystar - Universal Air Bag Cradles Carli Dodge Fabricated Shock Tower Carli Dodge Starter Shock Package
Daystar's revoulutionary Airbag Cradle allow full travel of the suspension, while still being able to cary heavy loads with your air bags. Daystar's Airbag Cradle is the solution for maximun payload capacity and off road prowess. CAD-crafted and laser-cut from 1/4" cold rolled steel, our Shock Towers are designed to accommodate Carli Performance & Dominator Series shocks. Fully gusseted and expertly welded, these Shock Towers are engineered for work & play, Carli Starter Shocks (Bilstein 5100) have custom ride quality 5100 shock tune specifically matched to Dodge HD Trucks for 3 inch lift heights. Bushing to bushing direct-fit OEM replacement.
Our Price: $349.00
Our Price: $350.00
Our Price: $350.00
Thuren 6" soft rate coils are the perfect blend between soft ride, and performance control. 3" Linear Rate Coil Thuren Fabrication 2 inch linear rate coils. These coils are a perfect leveling solution for those who want usable suspension and not just a spring spacer.
Carli Suspension - Dodge 5 Leaf Add-A-Pack Carli Dodge 03-09 Hemi 94-02 Diesel 3" Multi Rate Coil Springs Carli Dodge Long Travel Airbags
The 5 leaf progressive add a pack rear springs remove the lower overload leaf and replaces it with 5 thinner gauge leafs - the same load capacity is maintained while increasing movement in the rear of the vehicle. Improved ride is achieved. In our multi-rate springs each coil is spaced differently making them a variable spring rate. Initially it is easy to compress these springs for the first couple of inches. As you apply more force, the coils come closer to each other. After a certain point, the coils at the bottom 1/4 of these springs begin to touch each other and finally become inactive or dead, which makes the spring stiffer. The more force you apply to our multi-rate spring the more the rate increases. So, these springs are compliant to very small bumps on the road, while achieving control when needed off road, hard braking, and turning. These springs allow you to achieve the highest performance while driving hard and providing a smooth, comfortable drive the rest of the time. For 2010+ trucks, we have found that using a Linear rate coil works best with the heavier 4th Generation vehicles, giving a very supple and smooth ride while still keeping performance to the absolute maximum. This system allows full axle articulation when aired out. We are proud to provide our customers with a solution that allows the best of both worlds.
Carli Dodge Billet Shock Tower Carli Dodge Performance 2.0 Shock Package Carli Dodge Performance 2.0 Shock Package
Allows For Eyelet Shocks to bolt to the front coil bucket Includes machined 4130 Stud Ring for all Carli 3" and 6" Systems with eyelet style shocks. Will NOT work with Unchained shocks. Carli Performance 2.0 shocks (Carli Custom Bilstein 7100 Shocks) offer signature Carli custom all-purpose shock tune for the daily drive, work, and play with fully DIY rebuildable capability Carli Performance 2.0 shocks (Carli Custom Bilstein 7100 Shocks) offer signature Carli custom all-purpose shock tune for the daily drive, work, and play with fully DIY rebuildable capability