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Your truck's suspension is one of the most important components you can invest in. Why shouldn't you be able to enjoy a cup of coffee on the morning commute without wearing it on your shirt? Strapt Performance will help you smooth out the bumps and vibrations and more with our extensive line of high performance suspension products from the industries top manufacturers.
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Carli Suspension Unchained King 3.5 Shocks Carli Suspension Dominator 3.0 Shocks Carli Dodge Performance 2.5 Shock Package
The 3.5 series are designed for the customer who wants the ultimate shock package. Built to support heavy to race off-road conditions with outstanding street performance. The Dominator 3.0 is Carli's flagship ride quality performer. The larger displacement combined with our custom low-flow piston and latest shock tune offers the smoothest dampening control and high speed bottom-out resistance. Carli Dodge Performance 2.5 also know as Carli Custom King 2.5" Shocks are Carli's "do it all" shock package tuned with their total control shock pistons for the smoothest daily drive and off road performance.
Carli Pintop 2.5 Shock Package BOLT UPGRADE KIT Carli Suspension Dodge Ball Joint Package
Our Price: $65.00
Carli Pintop 2.5 Shocks (Carli Custom King 2.5" Pintop Shocks) gets you "The most Ride Quality for the money" - their flagship system for those who's tires don't leave the ground and want the most comfort and control. The same total control 2.5" piston and shock tune in a direct fir configuration that works with your factory shock towers. Also comes with King Prerunner piggy-back rear shocks. Bolt Upgrade Carli Suspension Dodge ram HD Ball Joints with Lifetime Warranty.
Carli Suspension Upper Ball Joints Carli Suspension Lower Ball Joints Mopar Shock Mounting Stud Ring 94-12 Dodge Ram 2500/3500
The ball joints start out as a chunk of specialty chosen material which is machined to our unique design and then heat treated to a specified rockwell (hardness). Dodge Ram Lower Ball Joints
Improve the front end feel of your truck with a life of the vehicle component. The Extreme Duty Lower Ball Joint is our flagship in engineering that we are happy to extend a lifetime warranty.
Mopar Shock Mounting Stud Ring for factory shock Towers. This is the stud ring that holds the shock tower in place. Located under the coil bucket on top of the coil.
Mopar Dodge Ram Shock Tower Mopar Coil Spring Isolator Mopar Track Bar Bolt 16mm
OEM Dodge Ram Shock Tower Bracket Coil spring isolator for 94-12 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Mopar 16mm trackbar bolt for axle or frame side for Dodge Ram HD.
Mopar Track Bar Nut 16mm Mopar Upper Control Arm Bolt Carli Suspension - Shock Reservoir Rock Guard
16mm nut for trackbar bolt for Dodge Ram HD Mopar Upper control arm bolt, passenger & driver side, frame Dodge Ram trucks. Designed to keep rocks and debris from damaging your shock bodies and reservoirs, the Carli Reservoir Guard is your best solution for insuring you keep your performance levels at their peak.