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Corbeau Inflatable Lumber Corbeau 2-Inch Harness Belt Corbeau Seat Heater
Corbeau Seat Heater
Our Price: $99.00
Corbeau Inflatable Lumbar supports are a very affordable way to provide extra lower back support. The Inflatable Lumbar is an air bladder that is installed in your Corbeau Seats. Corbeau 2 Inch Harness Belts have the rare ability to be bolted to all your factory provided mounting points. What that means is all our hardware was manufactured to bolt right up to your factory bolt holes. Corbeau universal seat heating systems are among the highest quality seat-heating units available today. Those who have ever experienced the luxury of a seat heater know that once you’ve taken pleasure in a seat heater,
Corbeau Baja JP Fixed Back Seat Corbeau Baja Low Back Fixed Back Seat Corbeau Baja SS Suspension Seat
What makes the Corbeau Baja JP seat special is the strategic bolstering. We made just enough bolster support to hold you in place and provide ultimate comfort but at the same time making it easy to get in and out of your vehicle. The Baja Low Back seat is a low back version of our ever-popular Baja SS Suspension Seat. This line of suspension seats is one of the most advanced suspension seats available today. The Baja SS Off Road Suspension Seat was designed for the off road enthusiasts who want the safety of suspension and the comfort of Corbeau
Corbeau Clubman Fixed Back Seat Corbeau Baja Ultra Fixed Seat Corbeau Baja XP Fixed Seat
Corbeau Baja XP Fixed Seat
Our Price: $299.00
The Clubman race seat is a great lightweight, entry level race seat. This seat features extra high kidney bolsters to give you that true “bucket seat” look and feel. The Baja Ultra Off Road Suspension Seat was designed for the off road enthusiasts who want the safety of suspension and the comfort of Corbeau. When it comes to off road racing seats, it really doesn’t get better than the Baja XP, seriously though, it doesn’t! Years of research and design have gone into creating this stunning seat.
Corbeau Moab Reclining Seat Corbeau Sport Seat Reclining Corbeau Baja RS Reclining Seat
The Moab Jeep® Seat was designed as a direct bolt-in to CJ and YJ Jeeps® but will work in any other vehicle with Corbeau custom brackets. For those of you who own Jeeps® and drive them off-road The all-new Sport Seat was designed for the daily driver. This seat maintains the stock look but provides you comfort like no stock seat can. The Baja RS Reclining Off Road Suspension Seat was designed for the off road enthusiasts who still want the comfort of a daily driver and the safety of suspension.
Corbeau A4 Reclining Seat Corbeau GTS II Reclining Seat Corbeau Baja XRS Reclining Seat
Corbeau A4 Reclining Seat
Our Price: $698.00
The A4 is the perfect adjustable racing seat for tight spaces and minimal headroom applications. Whether on the street, the track, or off-road, the A4 racing seat will enhance your overall driving experience. The GTS II seat is the perfect seat for the daily driver who wants a sporty stock look, while still maintaining aggressive comfort. This anatomically advanced seat was designed with deep and aggressive thigh and kidney supports The Corbeau Baja XRS combines injection molded memory foam with our suspension technology which will provide unmatched comfort and support for years to come