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Magnum RT Front Bumpers Magnum RT Rear Bumpers Magnum RT Step
ICI was founded in 1990 by Robert and Diane Wolf along with Steve and Anita Lutz. Robert’s background is in the operations side of the aftermarket, while Steve had focused on sales and marketing end. Robert and Diane have over 34 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket. ICI was the leading supplier of stainless steel trim products in the USA and in 1995 developed the first stainless steel polished side step bar along with several other trim lines as a compliment. In 2013 and after 23 years, Robert and Diane Wolf bought out their long-time partners recognizing that the once relevant and profitable lines sold were nearing the end of their life cycle. ICI began to reinvent itself in the form of a new branding campaign and product line under the MAGNUM brand. The first goal was to develop and expand its engineering side of the business to create new product.
Magnum RT Front Bumpers Magnum RT Rear Bumpers Magnum RT Step
Magnum Front Bumpers are available in four different styles: Standard Bumper (no light bar), RT-Series Bumper (patent pending), Pre-Runner Bumper, or Grille Guard Bumper. more info
Magnum Rear Bumpers are compatible with factory back-up sensors, receiver hitch and exhaust, and come with a liscense plate light. more info
The Magnum RT Step has made waves throughout the truck aftermarket for being the most rugged looking functional step on the market. Magnum Truck Gear has now made the steps available for one of the most popular trucks on the market. more info