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Edge - Brass Elbow - EDG6000019 Shibby Engineering EGR Unplug Harness Plug Edge - EAS Ambient Temperature Sensor
Edge - Brass Elbow
Our Price: $16.00
Edge Brass Elbow EGR Unplug Harness 07.5-12 Cummins If your vehicle is not equipped with an outside temperature sensor then this is a must have! The EAS Ambient Temperature Sensor is a -40°F to 230°F Waterproof 0.2” diameter sensor ready to plug into Edge’s Universal Sensor Input system.
Edge - Thermocouple (EGT Probe) Shibby Engineering Turbo Coolant & Electric Plug Kit SHIBBY ENGINEERING DPFSIM DPF PRESSURE SIM
Replacement thermocouple (EGT probe) fits all Juice with Attitude kits. Turbo Coolant & Plug Kit Shibby Engineering DPF Pressure SIMS plug
Edge - EAS Starter Kit Edge - EAS Temperature Sensor Edge - EAS CS & CTS OBD II Extension Cable
The Edge Accessory System (EAS) was created with future expandability in mind. The architecture of the EAS allows users to connect multiple accessories, daisy-chain style, to the CS and CTS platform. The EAS Temperature Sensor is a -40°F to 300°F 1/8” NPT supplied with the connectors to plug directly into Edge’s Universal Sensor Input System. The Edge OBDII extension cable is ideal for customers looking to install and mount their CS/CTS device towards their vehicle's center console.
Shibby Engineering Smarty Harness Plugs Shibby Engineering EGT SIMS 100 Ohm Shibby Engineering H&S Harness Plugs 2007 - 2009
Smarty Harness Plugs 07-09 6.7L Dodge Cummins Shibby Engineering Dodge 2007EGT100 Ohm EGT Sims H&S factory harness plugs 07-09 Cummins
Shibby Engineering Smarty Harness Plug Shibby Engineering H&S Harness Plugs Shibby Engineering 100 Ohm Sims EGT100
Smarty Harness Plugs 10-12 Dodge Cummins H&S factory harness plugs 10-12 Cummins Shibby Engineering 100 Ohm Sims EGT100 plugs